Alien, Smiley, Sleepy, Emoji, EmotionsAnother often-overlooked obstacle to eating better has nothing to do with your diet but everything to do with your overall health and mood. It’s called sleep. Get enough, and your immune system and metabolism function effectively.   Calculate giving your body 8 hours of rest a day.

Studies on sleep and weight gain found short sleep duration was independently linked to weight gain. Lack of sleep makes you hungrier, more likely to have food craving, and increases your caloric consumption as much as 500 the day after a sleepless night.  Those extra calories are most likely sugars and carbs for quick energy as your body tries to recover from fatigue due to lack of sleep.

A sleep-deprived brain doesn’t function optimally, so you don’t think as well and your productivity takes a nosedive.

Consider supplements that will help keep you alert and your energy up during the day so your body will be ready for sleep at night.  Avoid too much TV and sleeping during the day in your favorite recliner or sofa.