RelivEpigenetic Nutrition:  A bridge between Nutrition and Health.  Dr. Alfredo Galvez, UC Davis.

Current biological research is now revealing that age-related chronic disease development is caused primarily by defects in the regulation of gene expression, not necessarily by gene mutations that inactivate the gene products. Therefore, the key to reversing chronic disease development is to restore proper regulation of genes that are corrupted by epigenetic changes caused by aging, adverse environmental exposures, unhealthy diets and lifestyles. Drugs are developed to target the end products of genes (proteins, enzymes and hormones), not the regulation of gene expression. The discovery of epigenetic superfoods that can regulate the expression of genes essential for health and wellness has provided more effective and safer alternatives to drugs in preventing and reversing age-related chronic diseases. Unlike newly synthesized therapeutic drugs, the bioactive ingredients found in these epigenetic superfoods have co-adapted with the human body by thousands of years of evolution, to interact with the epigenome and optimize regulation of gene expression associated with health and survival.
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