keyword hereA 24 year long study conducted by Harvard School of Public Health on recorded diet information and weight change of 133,468 US men and women (in their 30s and 40s at start of study) suggests that eating fruits and non-starchy vegetables can help reduce weight, although different fruits and vegetables have different effects on weight. For example, over a four year period, consumption of starchy vegetables (ex. peas, corn and potatoes) leads to weight gain, while increased intake of high fiber, low glycemic load vegetables (ex. broccoli and green leafy vegetables) leads to weight loss. Among fruits, eating apples/pears, berries, and citrus fruit led to 1.24, 1.11 and 0.27 pound weight loss, respectively. And the food with the most beneficial effect on weight loss? It was tofu/soy which was linked to 2.47 pound weight loss.