Brain FoodResveratrol The skin of grapes is really where some of the most powerful nutrients like resveratrol reside. Without the skin, most of the grape is just sugar and water.

The powerful plant extract resveratrol is a vital antioxidant for our brains. While you may have heard about resveratrol’s heart benefits, scientists also have found that it slows age-related deterioration and functional decline. And more recently, resveratrol was found to essentially boost brain power on demand. Like pushing the gas pedal to speed up when we need to pass, resveratrol amps up blood flow in the brain while performing tough mental tasks to meet the increased demand for “power.” So when you’re challenged as a business person, a student or you just want improved mental speed and agility, resveratrol is a go to brain ally.

Yet another study shows long-term supplementation with resveratrol maintains the health of blood vessels in your brain and preserves cognitive function. Resveratrol increases the amount of oxygen in the brain, which in turn increases memory capacity and improved cognition.  Contact Sandie for details.

Several Reliv products, including Reliv Classic®, Reliv Now®, Reliv Now for Kids, 24K and Reversage®, are brimming with important antioxidants and essential nutrients to help your brain perform at its peak. A study in the Journal of Neuroscience shows antioxidants promote cognitive performance. Another study shows an antioxidant-rich diet could help alleviate brain decline.