Sandie's PicSandie Sopko lives life with an attitude of gratitude for family, friends and others who need a helping hand.

Her mindset that 70 is the new 40 is a reminder for her clients, colleagues and personal friends that they can make choices that add life to their years.  It includes a balance of exercise, healthy food choices, devotional time and Reliv, a health organization she has represented for over 18 years that has a non-profit that feeds over 40,000 daily.

The Reliv Kalogris Foundation, helps combat hunger around the world.  Over 15,000 are fed daily in the Philippines where Sandie has visited several of the feeding centers.  During her two months stay, 50 Special Needs Children were added to the program.

Reliv helps people live life on their own terms.  The choice for better health as well as the option to enjoy the financial rewards by helping others do the same.

Sandie is a native of Indiana and a 1964 graduate from Protestant Deaconess Hospital School of Radiology.   She also became a clinical instructor in the field of Radiology in the Chicago area.    She and her family relocated to Arizona in 1979 and have enjoyed the warmer climate.

As a wife and mom of four children, she took the leadership role for La Leache Leage, a support group for moms who are nursing their babies.    Keeping moms aware of the food choices that determine the well being of their children has been an ongoing lifestyle for long term benefits of prevention and anti aging.

As a health educator, she has presented several topics at her local library and  business networking groups.   Your Body is Talking To You, Are You Listening?, Children at Risk, and Life Is a Decision!   Her most recent support group is Fit 3!  Simple steps to live life well at any age.

Her community activities in the past and present have included, Peoria Chamber of Commerce, several networking groups, HSP, Spotlight, RAIN, Community for Aging and numerous fund raisers.   She especially loves the Silver Sneaker’s  program at her local YMCA .

Sandie’s philosophy:    “Never do anything that would not be for the well being of another person and never ask someone to do something you yourself would not do.”

Sandie Sopko
Reliv Presidential Ambassador
Surprise, AZ  85379